• How can I learn more about the Alphacat project and application?  

    Join our social communities on Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also email us directly to get in touch with our team. Visit our website to get more detailed information about Alphacat’s operations.

  • How many languages will the platform support?  

    Alphacat will initially support English and Chinese, with more languages to be added in the future with the help of our ever-growing Alphacat community.

  •  Who is the team behind Alphacat?  

    Alphacat is developed by an all-star team, mainly composed of Wall Street financial experts and former team members of Google Artificial Intelligence. Our team counts more than 30 experts holding advanced degrees in AI, machine learning, financial technology, big data and blockchain. Together, we combine our vast skill sets to further develop Alphacat prediction algorithms and the Alphacat platform.

  • What does Alphacat's name mean?  

    The origins of the name “Alphacat” come from Alpha, a term used in the financial sector that means excess returns, while CAT is the acronym for Computer Aided Trading.

  • Why use NEO to build the Alphacat platform?  

    NEO is the most advanced blockchain network and contains all the features the Alphacat platform needs. It supports the highest TPS (Transitions-Per-Second), which will ensure the system’s scalability and speed going into the future. NEO also enjoys a huge community and is extremely supportive of the Alphacat project.

  • What patents does Alphacat hold?  

    Please follow this link to a comprehansive article about what patents does Alphacat use for digital asset management.


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